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Stellar Houseboats is the perfect solution to bring your houseboat rentals online. Stellar is built with features and customizations designed specifically with the houseboat industry in mind. Add amenities to display features and allow filtering based on the amount of rooms, bathrooms, floor space, and anything else that your customers need to see. Additionally, the booking grid on the Stellar back end allows you to switch to either a weekly or a monthly view so that you can see the length of all multiday bookings without having to click between days. Stellar also has options to allow you to add paid accessories to rentals. Input food, bedding, and any other optional additions to improve revenue gain on all units. Stellar even offers a paperless dock attendant process to allow a tablet-based contract signature and checkout process that brings a top-notch user experience.

One common issue with managing houseboat rentals is viewing all bookings on one page. A calendar view can be confusing and difficult to use due to having to click on each day to determine how long a boat is rented for. The Stellar Booking Grid is perfect for any houseboat operation. By allowing operators to view a weekly or monthly grid built specifically for long term rentals, Stellar makes it easy to manage all of your multi-day bookings without clicking through multiple pages.

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Rental additions can be some of the highest margin revenue generators for houseboat rentals. Stellar makes it easy to add accessories such as catering options, tubes, bedding, and anything else you can think of to make it easy to offer any rental additions you would like. You can even choose to set pricing using a flat rate or charge a daily rental fee.

Maximizing revenue through the Stellar waitlist only becomes more valuable when dealing with high value rentals from houseboats. The Stellar waitlist allows you to maximize revenue for any situation when a customer provides a late cancellation. For week long houseboat rental, this can be thousands in revenue that would have been lost without a waitlist. Stellar allows you to capture that revenue by easily informing customers who are on the waitlist that the slot they were viewing is now open.
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Use Stellar to bring a high-end software solution to your houseboat operation, and provide your customers with an easy and future proof user experience that will keep them coming back for years to come.

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