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    Suggestion Based Front End

    Online Boat Rental Software for Marinas – Stellar IMS

    One thing that often scares rental operators away from online booking is the inability to give suggestions to customers. The average customer booking a boat rental may have no idea what they are looking for, and when they are presented with a list of boat models it could be overwhelming. This is a problem for operators who currently book online and keeps operators who don’t take online bookings from ever starting to. Stellar solves this problem through its suggestion based booking screen.

    Rental Reservation Software – Stellar IMS
    Rental Scheduling Software – Stellar IMS

    With Stellar, we realized that operators on booking platforms wanted a way to mirror the suggestions they gave on a phone call through an online booking platform. Stellar solves this issue with its suggestion based booking screen by providing custom filters and categories to suggest the best option for what the customer is looking for.

    With Stellar there is no reason to fear missing out on customers that don’t know exactly what they want. Stellar will work them through the process to show all the options you want your customers to see while simultaneously guiding them to their perfect booking.
    Suggestion Based Booking Image 1 – Stellar IMS

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