How Stellar Accelerates Center Hill Marinas Operational Process

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Navigating Excellence on the Shores of Dekalb, Tennessee

Located in Dekalb, Tennessee, is a renowned establishment dedicated to providing exceptional boating and
marina services. With a picturesque setting on Center Hill Lake, the marina offers a wide range of amenities and
activities to cater to boating enthusiasts and vacationers alike. They provide boat rentals, including pontoons
and houseboats, allowing visitors to explore the beautiful lake at their leisure. Additionally, Center Hill Marina
offers secure moorage options for boat owners, ensuring their vessels are well taken care of.We had the opportunity to speak with Josh Markham, General Manager of Center Hill Marina about the drawbacks of his existing system and why he chose to upgrade their business to Stellar.


Missed Reservations & Slowed Operations

Josh shared, “We would manually check the calendar, write down the reservation details, and process payments separately using a different program,” he stated. Unfortunately, this method not only lacked an online booking option, but opened them up to the potential for errors, especially when it came to things like transcribing information into their booking calendar.

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24/7 Booking Agent & Faster Onboarding

With a fleet of 14 rental pontoons, 10 rental cabins, and three rental houseboats, managing inventory using a paper notebook placed near the cash register was very challenging, and opened their business up to the potential of human error. It became evident that implementing an online booking solution would allow customers to reserve on their own time, eliminating the need for numerous phone calls and the risk of missed callbacks. Center Hill began exploring different options and after careful consideration, Stellar’s product stood out as superior to other alternatives they considered and they made the decision to adopt Stellar as their chosen solution.

On top of having the ability to now take and manage reservations digitally, Josh credits Stellar’s Dock Attendant feature for helping them organize and streamline their rental process. It eliminates the need for cumbersome paper-based procedures, allowing customers to digitally review and sign their contracts and onboarding documents.



“Previously, customers had to print or sign a paper contract in-store, and we relied on a paper checklist when launching the boat, but with Stellar everything has transitioned to a streamlined digital format.” This simple but effective change in operations has resulted in the elimination of an entire filing cabinet in the Center Hill Marina office, and quicker check-in and check-out times.

Included in going digital is the ability to capture electronic signatures and photographs with Dock Attendant, which allows the Center Hill team to document any existing damage to their rental boats with every contract. This risk mitigation tool ensures transparency between Center Hill and the customers, eliminating disputes over preexisting damages and benefits both the business and their customers.

Josh shared that, “I firmly believe that the more people who adopt Stellar, the smoother the operations will be for everyone involved!”


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