Stellar Empowers Hagadone With Hourly Pricing For Online Bookings, Revolutionizing Customer Experience

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Hagadone Marine Group's Transition to Stellar

Located in Coeur D’alene, Idaho, Hagadone Marine Group operates as a prominent division under the umbrella of the Hagadone Hospitality Corporation, and has successfully cultivated a thriving lakeside enterprise encompassing marina services, boat retail and restoration, as well as a distinguished rental boat division. Apart from retooling and restoring boats, they specialize in offering moorage services, boasting three wet marinas and
a pioneering dry moorage facility known as the “Quick Launch Dry Stack,” which holds the distinction of being the first of its kind in Idaho. We had the opportunity to speak with Lindsay Olmstead, Operations manager about
moving to Stellar as their online booking solution.


Keeping Up With The Growth Of The Business

Initially offering a fleet of ten boats, Hagadone’s operations expanded significantly in 2020 when they doubled their fleet to 20 vessels. Two years later, they further bolstered their fleet to a total of 25 boats. Renewing the fleet size each season, this allows their sales department to offer used rental boats as enticing bargains, serving as catalysts for selling new boats at competitive prices, effectively leveraging the revenue generated from the rental business. But with the growing business, they needed a software that could help they manage their everyday needs with running the business.


Hourly Pricing Capabilities

The primary reason for switching to Stellar was its ability to offer hourly pricing, which perfectly aligned with Hagadone’s specific needs. Lindsay explains that they wanted to provide their customers with the flexibility to rent boats for any hour, at any time, and Stellar provided that functionality.

Initially Hagadone was partnered with Peak Pro for online booking before deciding to switch over to Stellar Software in 2019. The primary reason for switching to Stellar was its ability to offer hourly pricing, which perfectly aligned with Hagadone’s specific needs.



In addition to the hourly booking feature, Hagadone also finds other aspects of the Stellar platform, like Dynamic Pricing, to be highly beneficial.

Lindsay speaks to the implementation of dynamic pricing back in 2021 and 2022 and states, “these were our best years to date, and the introduction of dynamic pricing played a vital role in boosting our sales.”

With Stellar’s support and guidance, Hagadone was able to capitalize on increased demand and adjust pricing based on availability. As a result, Hagadone maximized their revenue potential by charging increased rates on peak days, taking full advantage of the 100-day summer season in Coeur D’alene, Idaho which spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day. With 98% of their business taking place in such a small window, Stellar’s dynamic pricing allowed Hagadone to optimize their fleet utilization and cater to customers willing to pay a premium for their experience.

Hagadone’s transition to Stellar Software’s rental platform was a pivotal decision for their company to make, and one that significantly enhanced their operations. Lindsay is excited and looking forward to her continued partnership with Stellar Software stating,

“I just can’t wait for version 4 of Stellar Software! I’ve been with Molo for about two years now and then with the acquisition of Stellar, I’ve gotten to experience the rental side of our business, so it’s been a very rewarding and interesting experience!”


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