How Stellar Allowed Woodard Marine To Easily Start Offering Rentals As Apart Of Their Operations

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Woodard Marine's 60-Year Journey in Vermont's Marinas

Located in Vermont, Woodard Marine is a company with a rich history dating back over 60 years in the marina and boating industry. Originally focused on the craftsmanship of wooden boat construction, over time the business has evolved and expanded its scope to encompass boat sales, boat rentals and comprehensive servicing. With the introduction of their rental operations in 2005, Woodard Marine has grown and diversified their business. We had the opportunity to speak with Russ Wilde, manager of Woodard Marine, about how beneficial it was for the business to add rentals to their operations.
Russ shared, “as a lot of our customers who experience our rental boats often end up purchasing similar models
for themselves.” Through aligning Woodard Marine’s rental fleet with the boats they sell, the company succeeds
in creating a cohesive experience. It encourages customers to make informed buying decisions based on their
positive rental experiences.


No Technology in a Digital Era and Missed Opportunities

With increased business comes increased demands, and Russ remembers the hardship of running a rental business with phone calls, pen and paper.

“There was a lot of downtime during off-hours which resulted in losing potential sales.” Woodard quickly realized they needed an online booking solution which could provide their costumes with a 24/7 reservationist. With that in mind, Russ made the decision to try Fareharbor, a popular online booking solution for adventure and vacation booking platforms. However, Russ knew there were opportunities for improvement when it came to the software component, especially when it came to pain points specific to the marina and boat rental industry. That’s where Stellar came in.


A Digital Experience For All

Russ really appreciated Steller’s ability to conduct the paperless checkout process at the dock. It shortened an already lengthy process, streamlined and simplified operations for his staff, and did away with pen and paper. The integrated photo documentation tool included with Stellar’s checkout process and Dock Attendant platform was also a game-changer, and ultimately what encouraged Woodard Marine to make the switch from Fareharbor to Stellar.



One of the most significant advantages of Stellar is the ability to book online, but customer support has also been instrumental in Woodard Marine’s client experience, “Working closely with Caleb from the Stellar team, I’ve had a positive experience in providing feedback and witnessing improvements in the software based on my suggestions. The ability to customize and work closely with the Stellar team to meet specific needs is another valuable aspect.”


What Our Clients Are Saying

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Stellar is the ultimate boat rental reservation platform.