Booking Grid

Booking Grid

The most important part of any booking platform on the management side is the booking schedule. There are various different ways to manage bookings, but all too often they are static, confusing, and overly complicated calendar views. When Stellar IMS was designed it was built to circumvent the issues caused by a booking calendar through its booking grid.

Boat Rental Software Booking Grid

Stellar’s dynamic booking grid

Stellar IMS’s dynamic booking grid makes it easy to see all of your bookings and know everything about them without complicating the view. Stellar IMS layers information through color coding, text, and booking blocks to ensure you can see all the information you need on a simplified screen.

Take reservations when your members want you to.

Outside working hours. Add 24/7 Booking with Stellar.

Reducing the friction

Stellar IMS booking grid will increase efficiency savings, and improve the customer experience by decreasing time spent at a register. Improve the ease of training and managing your employees by providing them with an easy to use booking grid.

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